8 CSS Tricks You Never Use: Introduction [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – hello and welcome to CSS tricks you
00:00:03 – never use my name is craig Campbell and
00:00:06 – I will be your instructor for this
00:00:07 – course in this short course we're going
00:00:10 – to cover a number of CSS tricks that
00:00:13 – will help you make designs that really
00:00:15 – stand out the tricks that we're going to
00:00:17 – cover are not complicated from a CSS
00:00:20 – standpoint but hopefully they will give
00:00:22 – you some fresh ways to look at some of
00:00:24 – the CSS that you already know so I want
00:00:26 – to thank you so much for watching and
00:00:28 – then the next lesson we'll get started

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