Digital Typography Urban Lettering Styles | Illustrator Speed Art | RE-UPLOAD [w/ subs]

00:00:12 – what is up people welcome back to store graphics home of graphic design
00:00:16 – content today I have a real blow to a very old speed out video on my channel
00:00:20 – there's no tutorial today because I'm very and very busy graphic design work
00:00:25 – away from YouTube YouTube is more of a hobby to me right now because I need
00:00:29 – income of course just like the next person and so I am a graphic designer
00:00:32 – first and foremost I chose this video because it's quite old so most of my
00:00:37 – subscribers probably haven't seen it and speaking of subscribers last night I
00:00:41 – surpassed the 4000 subscriber mark so thank you to everyone who watches my
00:00:45 – videos and leaves comments and hit that like button I really do appreciate it
00:00:50 – so please enjoy the video and until next time design your future today

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