Displacement Map Photoshop CC Tutorial: Paint Your Bed Sheet [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – I’m gonna show you how to use a displacement map in Photoshop.
00:00:04 – This effect will allow you to put a text or different types of graphics on objects and
00:00:08 – make them look like they are printed or wrapped around that object.
00:00:12 – If you follow the guidelines it’s easier than you think so stay tuned!
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00:00:39 – some new stuff.
00:00:40 – And now let’s jump into Photoshop.
00:00:44 – This is the image I’m gonna work with today.
00:00:46 – Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, you just throw your MacBook on the bed, and take
00:00:51 – a photo from above like this one.
00:00:53 – And then you say..
00:00:54 – You know what?
00:00:55 – I’m gonna throw some text here, maybe a cool quote, or a lyric… a funny one..
00:00:59 – And make it look real, like..
00:01:00 – It’s printed on the bed sheets.
00:01:02 – But before that you need some preparation.
00:01:04 – You need to create a displacement map In Photoshop.
00:01:07 – To do this you enter the channels panel and choose a channel which has the most contrast.
00:01:13 – You have the red channel, this is the Green and the Blue.
00:01:17 – In my case the Green is what I need.
00:01:19 – So I right click on it and choose duplicate channel.
00:01:23 – For document I just choose New You can enter a name here, I will just call
00:01:28 – it Displacement.
00:01:31 – Hit ok, and then you can see up here that Photoshop created for me a new document which
00:01:36 – represents the green channel that I just duplicated.
00:01:39 – Alright, the next step is to blur the image.
00:01:42 – Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur.
00:01:45 – Basicaly you need to get rid of any texture and depending on you image size you use this
00:01:51 – slider to choose a low value, making sure that any texture on the photo will not be
00:01:55 – visible anymore.
00:01:57 – And for me in this case, 3 is a good value.
00:02:00 – I’m gonna hit ok and save this document anywhere I want, I name it displacement, I
00:02:07 – will choose my desktop real quick.
00:02:10 – The file is saved and now you can close it.
00:02:13 – Ok, so I’m gonna go back to my image with this Apple computer and I don’t know
00:02:18 – why but in the last months everytime when I heared the word apple, it reminded me about
00:02:25 – this… the PPAP song, where this guy has the following lyrics: I have a pen, I have
00:02:32 – an apple…
00:02:34 – Apple Pen.
00:02:36 – This song went viral by the way..
00:02:39 – With these lyrics.
00:02:40 – 57 million views right now .
00:02:43 – O**
00:02:45 – Back to my screen, I’m gonna choose the text tool by pressing on T and first I will
00:02:50 – choose a 50% grey here.
00:02:53 – Don’t use white, don’t use black, use 50% grey.
00:02:58 – It will look good and realistic in the end, trust me.
00:03:01 – And I will write here..
00:03:03 – I have a bed ..and then I’m gonna hit a few times enter and write “I have an apple”.
00:03:11 – Apple Bed.
00:03:12 – And guys just a quick question..
00:03:14 – Did you enjoyed that original PPAP song?
00:03:16 – I mean, was it fun for you, or your kids?
00:03:21 – For me it was fun in the beginning.
00:03:24 – Put your answers in the comments section below, just for fun.
00:03:27 – Ok..now, right click on the text layer and choose convert to smart object.
00:03:31 – Now go to Filter – Distort – Displace.
00:03:37 – These numbers will have to be the same.
00:03:38 – The higher the value is the more intense the effect will be.
00:03:42 – I usually use 5, 7 something like that, but if something does not look as it should be,
00:03:49 – these are the numbers which need to be changed.
00:03:52 – Make sure Stretch to fit and Repeat edge pixels are selected and then hit ok.
00:03:57 – Photoshop will ask you to select the displacement file that you want to use, I will select the
00:04:02 – displacement.psd which I created earlier.
00:04:06 – Hit ok..
00:04:07 – And Photoshop has applied the displacement map.
00:04:09 – Make sure the text layer is selected and change the blending mode to Linear Burn.
00:04:15 – Now if you zoom in on the text you will see that it’s too sharp comparing it to the
00:04:20 – image, so with the text selected I will go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur and choose
00:04:28 – a low blur value.
00:04:29 – I will choose a 0.6 pixels and I can check here the preview to see the difference.
00:04:37 – You can see it here, the edges of the text are a bit softer and they look more realistic.
00:04:42 – The text looks fine but It still needs some improvement.
00:04:46 – I want to see the bed sheet texture a bit more through the letters.
00:04:50 – So right click on the text layer and choose blending options.
00:04:54 – And there is this Underlying layer section where if I drag this highlights slider to
00:05:00 – the left, the bright parts of the bedsheets will start to be more visible through the
00:05:05 – text, but this is a bit too harsh so I’m gonna bring this back to default and I will
00:05:10 – press the ALT or option on a Mac, I will drag again the slider and now the 2 handles are
00:05:16 – split and the transition is much softer than before.
00:05:19 – So I’m gonna hit ok, and the last step is to lower a bit the opacity of this layer.
00:05:28 – So this is the final image, you can see how the letters are following the curved surfaces
00:05:33 – of the bed sheets.
00:05:35 – However, never print your bed sheets with this text.
00:05:39 – If you want, you can check and uncheck the visibility of the displace effect so you can
00:05:44 – see how the text was before … and after.
00:05:48 – Keep in mind that, if you double click the text layer on its thumbnail, because it's
00:05:52 – a smart object the layer will open up and you can modify your text.
00:05:57 – So for example I can write in..
00:06:00 – “I LOVE..
00:06:03 – SUNDAYS” then I press CTRL+S to save the file and if I go back to my main document,
00:06:09 – you can see that the text was replaced.
00:06:12 – Another important thing is that If you want to move or change the size of the text , make
00:06:17 – sure that after you changed its position or scale, you right click on the displace effect
00:06:23 – and choose Edit Smart Filter, Photoshop will ask you again what’s the displacement map
00:06:29 – file, you hit ok and now the text is adapted on the surface correctly.
00:06:34 – Otherwise if you just move the text without re-adapting it, it will not warp correctly
00:06:39 – onto the surface underneath.
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00:06:51 – you are really really awesome.
00:06:52 – I’m Criss, keep Photoshoping and catch you in the next one!

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