How to add custom CSS /per page basis without a child theme [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – hello this is Barnaby another wordpress
00:00:02 – tutorial in this video I will show you
00:00:05 – how to add custom CSS to your WordPress
00:00:08 – website on a per page or post basis
00:00:11 – instead of global settings first let's
00:00:15 – look into our WordPress admin area next
00:00:18 – cover over the plugins option and click
00:00:20 – on add new now let's search for simple
00:00:26 – CSS or copy and paste the name from this
00:00:29 – video's description this plug-in is made
00:00:31 – by Tom Osborne so let's install it and
00:00:35 – activate when ready from now on we have
00:00:43 – an extra option in our page or post
00:00:46 – editor so let's have a look find the
00:00:49 – page but you would need some additional
00:00:51 – CSS options and scroll down to see the
00:00:54 – additional options after the editor here
00:00:59 – you can add any CSS code it will only
00:01:02 – apply to this content for global CSS
00:01:06 – let's head over to our front page and
00:01:09 – click on the customizer at the top left
00:01:12 – now you will see a simple CSS and the
00:01:19 – building additional CSS options to you
00:01:21 – at the bottom of the list both of these
00:01:24 – can be used to add that side wide CSS
00:01:27 – code just as either do it otherwise if
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00:01:34 – tutorials until then see you next time

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