Html for beginners: Structure of a webpage-Tutorial – #01 [w/ subs]

00:00:08 – hello guys welcome to all of you to my channel.
00:00:15 – This channel is for those people who want to learn web design and app devlopment.
00:00:23 – FIrst of all, lets talk about web designing.
00:00:28 – In this you have to care about two things i.e html and css.
00:00:37 – lets talk about html . one thing i am using notepad++ for this there
00:00:44 – are few other software you can also use them.that are sublime and dream viewer.
00:00:54 – HTML – hypertext markup language CSS – cascading style sheet.
00:01:03 – what you have to learn in html structure, text, list, links, images, extra markup, flash
00:01:17 – video and audio.& in css color,Text, boxes,list,Tables and forms,
00:01:27 – layout,images html 5 layout, process and design, practical information.
00:01:37 – tags are angular brackets.types of tags are p tag for paragraph & heading tag i.e h1,h2,h3,h4..h6.
00:02:12 – there are more tags like html tag,body tag,head tag etc.
00:02:24 – all websites uses html and css. now how does the web works?
00:02:40 – when you visit a website the webserver hosting that site could be anywhere in the world.
00:02:49 – eg- I am in india & when i search for what happens is that your computer contacts
00:03:31 – network of server called as domain name system.
00:03:36 – This dns tells your computer ip address associated with the requested domain.
00:03:45 – Then webserver sends page you requested back to your web browser.
00:04:04 – For structure lets open a new file starts with opening & closing html tags in between
00:04:36 – head tag comes in closing & opening of head you have title tag.write in between opening
00:04:51 – and closing titile tag”TITLE OF THE PAGE “.after head therecomes a
00:05:23 – body tag.In body tag you can use heading tags

.eg-in h1 tags write “BIGGEST TAG”, In
00:06:01 – h2 tag write smaller than h1 .In h3 “smaller than h2”.
00:07:14 – Lets add a paragraph tag.write paragraph in between p tags.Lets save it goto save as & give
00:07:30 – some name to your file Lets say “structure.html” Lets open it you can see on the bar of browser
00:08:06 – is your TITLE OF THE PAGE you can see h1 is
00:08:35 – the biggest heading after that h2 & h3. ok lets end with it.
00:09:03 – IN THE NEXT VIDEO.

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