Learn How to Use PG Animate.css plugin Tutorial by Perfect Web Solutions for Pinegrow [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – Friends welcome to this video tutorial by Perfect Web Solutions my name is Imran
00:00:04 – Qasim and in today's video tutorial I'm just going to show you that our plugin
00:00:09 – animate.css pg animate is working fine with the pg
00:00:14 – 3.0 latest beta 2. so let me show you a demo of it quickly first just Open PG 3
00:00:24 – and after that I will just click on file new and select any of temptates
00:00:31 – from list i will select plain HTML and then I select new html after that I can add any
00:00:38 – tag on it all value lab in this tag here and after digesting different setting I
00:00:45 – can hear if I stop or you can go to five many libraries and bugging the click on
00:00:51 – load button click open and here you can analyze the best isn't automated or CF
00:00:59 – is important click on Add button click in the sphere and after that it will be
00:01:04 – loaded inside you'll find with fine go that business planning manager so click
00:01:10 – on activate and you will see if you are activating it first time and this case
00:01:15 – is not added in the project and it will give you this matter looks like a minute
00:01:20 – offset is not included on the page click that to CSS and then it will be a
00:01:26 – dispersed on it click close after you can ask if you go to this all
00:01:33 – settings I think it is all LMS property attribute on classes just go to this
00:01:39 – path and the animation options and is on the top just you can click on home and
00:01:47 – select any images on like this women you know and then the return without any
00:01:53 – notion of a final destination and this is just to the neighbor bond
00:01:58 – feminism and eloquently geared to make it condoms with infinite ammunition and
00:02:05 – the people is it working valuation server any invasion it is working fine
00:02:17 – our ammunition as it here reversal find
00:02:27 – so this is a quick tutorial to show you that rafidhi animate burning pine that's
00:02:32 – SPD 3 will be darting and to show you LM sick of all and this is see just about
00:02:39 – wage increase but the more you can download this plug-in and the
00:02:45 – description just click on the link which is also G top.com
00:02:48 – and download the plugin and try it out and let you know the feedback in this
00:02:53 – video story or on the black community of time go I'm available there my title it
00:02:59 – we leave thank you very much man so what we will see people insolent if you liked
00:03:04 – it just like that and if you haven't subscribed to my
00:03:07 – channel please subscribe to fun anymore because I'll help another plug-in there
00:03:12 – Bellanca you thank you very much hopefully it gears and particles

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