Python Programming Tutorial | Introduction | GeeksforGeeks [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – Hi friends and welcome to GeeksforGeeks, in this tutorial I will introduce you to the
00:00:06 – python language. There are two major Python versions, Python
00:00:10 – 2 and Python 3. Before we start programming, we need to have
00:00:17 – an interpreter to run our programs. There are certain online interpreter like,
00:00:28 – and few more. They can be used to start programming without installing the interpreter.
00:00:36 – If you want to have python on your system. So, for windows, there are many free interpreters
00:00:43 – available to run the python scripts. You just need to install it from As you
00:00:51 – can see we can download any version of python. In these tutorials, we will be using python
00:00:58 – 3 so go ahead and download it. Whereas, linux comes preinstalled with the python interpreter
00:01:07 – Now, let’s write first program in Python. We will be using online GeeksforGeeks IDE
00:01:16 – for running our python scripts. Let’s choose python 3 and make the first
00:01:25 – line as comment line. In python we use a hash tag for making a comment line, the interpreter
00:01:34 – ignores this line as it is the comment line. Now, let’s suppose we need to print GeeksforGeeks,
00:01:46 – so we simply write print and in parentheses we write, “GeeksforGeeks”.
00:01:55 – Unlike C, we don’t need a semicolon after any line and python also adds a new line after
00:02:05 – every print statement Now, let’s go ahead and run our python script.
00:02:12 – So, the output is GeeksforGeeks as expected. In this tutorial, we learnt how to install
00:02:25 – Python and write a simple script to print something.
00:02:30 – This brings us to the end of this tutorial, thank you for watching please leave us your
00:02:35 – likes and comments in the comments section.

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