Web Development Tutorial for Beginners No.3 – Style Attribute HTML [w/ subs]

00:00:03 – welcome to learn code this is part three of learning HTML in this video we will
00:00:10 – learn HTML style attribute if you are not yet watched part two either you
00:00:17 – watch the video or download the project files links in the description so in the
00:00:29 – last video we learn about formatting elements the HTML style attribute this
00:00:36 – attribute is used to setting the style of an HTML element can be done with the
00:00:42 – style attribute the HTML style attribute has the following syntax tag name style
00:00:49 – equals property value HTML background color the background color property
00:00:57 – defines the background color for an HTML element
00:01:26 – HTML funds the font-family property defines the font to be used for an HTML
00:01:32 – element HTML text size the font size property defines the text size for an
00:01:48 – HTML element HTML text color the color property defines the text color for an
00:02:06 – HTML element
00:02:35 – HTML text alignment the text aligned property defines the horizontal text
00:02:41 – alignment for an HTML element that's it guys I hope you enjoyed this video
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00:02:55 – thank you see you in the next episode

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